Mini Probiotic Bar


Natural bar – handmade with high quality ingredients to support the digestive system.

A concentrate of fibre, papain and inulin <3 thanks to the high content of Jerusalem artichokes with incredible effects on the intestines of rabbits and guinea pigs.

It is recommended to provide one small square per day.

Ingredients: mountains hay, organic Jerusalem artichoke (stems, leaves), papaya, fennel, mallow, red currant

Size: 7,5 x 7,5 cm (3” x 3”)

Weight0.03 kg

Rose, Rosa e Camomilla, Rosa e Fiordaliso Rosa, Rosa e Fiordaliso Blu, Rosa e Malva, Calendula, Fiordaliso Blu, Malva

Tempistiche di Preparazione Ordine

Tre Settimane, Due Settimane, Una Settimana


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